Stephen Kern

Let's keep old-school metal alive!

I'm a solo artist and the instruments I play are Drums, Hammered dulcimer, Rhythm guitar (some Lead), Bass, and some Keyboard. The music in general that clicked immediately in my Spirit that I write is a mix of 80's metal and Medieval type music (instrumental).



  DONNA PERRY (Miss November '94), rockin' my shirt!!

She is SUCH a sweetheart and it's truly an honor!!

Donna is a badass cook AND an amazing artist!   




Known YouTuber/Metal musician Rockstar Reacts (Matt Farkas) made a reaction video to my newest Thrash single "To Hate Evil." All in all pretty positive! He said he would like to hear Lead melodies throughout the song. I purposely didn't do that! If I did that, it would take away from the aggressive sound (hating evil). Much appreciated for the compliments he gave! Check it out-



Jacy and I talked with Shae D'lyn on our show!! You know her as Cousin Vicki on Vegas Vacation! I'm a BIG fan of ALL the Vacation movies! So I'm PSYCHED about it! You've also seen her on Dharma & Greg! Check out the interview!



I've written new songs for a brand new EP to come! It's straight up old-school 80's Thrash Metal style (instrumental)! I released a new song off that EP, "To Hate Evil." The song features THE Stefan Helleblad of WITHIN TEMPTATION rippin' on Lead! SUCH an honor!  



I'm honored and will always be grateful to be friends with former Iced Earth Vocalist John Greely! Jacy and I are filming a new short mindless YouTube series with John and his bassist Ginger Sizemore! Check out John's band 7th Servant!

First episode of ChooChoo McGovney-



Jacy and I have a brand new internet video show- The Henry/Kern Show!

Check it out! Please like and subscribe!



The new Thrash side project recording band (Solemn Virtue) EP is done! Check it out on YouTube!    



I wrote and finished recording a Blues song! It was written for a buddy of mine to be a very special guest on (Lead guitar)! David Jones. He played with some big names! CHUCK BERRY being one of them!! 



My 2nd official EP (Majestic Kingdom) is done! It's a big honor to have Val Allen Wood being a part of it! He's a special guest and mastered the songs! Thank you Sliptrick Records for signing me! An HONOR!

















"I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."- John 14:6


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