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  ProgPower USA 


A HUGE honor ProgPower USA used a song of mine (The Savior) on their compilation CD they hand out!


Majestic Kingdom (rough draft demo) 


1. Guardians of light


2. Majestic virtue


3. The devil will pay


Special guest:

Tommy Lee Thompson on Lead (a founding member of Iced Earth). *Guardians of light and The devil will pay


*Recorded by: Robert Butler

*Produced by: Stephen Kern

Holy Triumph

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This is my first official EP I released (instrumental). I've always been more into the music itself, that's what always caught my attention. Music is another way to express what one's feeling. All songs are original, giving The Lord the glory. CD was recorded at Music Farm Studio by Mark Van Allen (appreciated his patience with my pickiness). Album cover by DWS Studio.


Special guests:


*Mark Van Allen: Pro pedal steelist (formerly of Sugarland)

*Jeff Spirko: Pro fiddlist

*Hunter Tsou: Pro guitarist (Every knee shall bow solo)


Pedal steel parts written by Mark (improvised). Fiddle/violin parts written by Jeff (improvised), except the first section of Presence of The Living Spirit written by me. Guitar solo written by Hunter (improvised).  Since I'm pickier than most people, had to pin point exactly the kind of sound I was looking for.  I think it's so cool that they (and anyone) can know where they are in the key by hearing it and just start improvising with technicity!



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