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Of Ice- Wake Up (Single)

I'm beyond HONORED and PSYCHED to have worked with several former members of one of my favorite bands since HS, Iced Earth!! I came up with this idea to be a single in honor of Iced Earth. 100% original, but to go with their basic sound (old school Thrash). It's shining the light on everything to do with Iced Earth! The song features Gene Adam and Freddie Vidales! True legends in the field! The Lyrics were 100% written by Gene. It's about how sick this world is and people out there being brainwashed by the bullcrap media etc causing so much division (they love stirring crap up/their freakin' ratings). The cover art was done by my friend Jeremiah S. Morgan! He's SUCH an amazing artist! Mindblowing work! Master of the Comic book style art! Jeremiah is also a huge Iced Earth fan I might add (I'm honored he's honored to be part of this project song)! It's also an honor to have my friend Val Allen Wood ripping on Lead! He's one of my favorite Lead players of all time! All the instruments were recorded by my good buddy/band mate, Jacy Henry (Nebulous Music Studio)! That dude is seriously a GENIUS at anything to do with electronics! The Vocals were recorded by Gene's buddy, Cody Hanlon (who also mixed/mastered the song). His studio is, Studio 33:1 Productions. A very special thanks to Metalism Records (I'm a fan) for picking this Single up! 


Project Members-

Gene Adam (Ex- Iced Earth/Jacob's Well)- Vocals/Lyrics.

Freddie Vidales (Ex- Iced Earth/Ashes Of Ares)- Bass Guitar.

Stephen Kern- Drums/Rhythm Guitar.

Val Allen Wood (Ex- Theocracy)- Lead Guitar.

Matthew Trautwein- Violin intro.




Of Ice- Wake Up 

Iced Earth-


Ashes Of

Jacy's Recording

Cody's Recording




© 2022 Of Ice 

Sanctify In Truth (Single)

I wrote this instrumental Bluesy song 100% specifically for my buddy David Jones to be a very special guest on! David played keys for THE Chuck Berry (90's) and other big names!! He played Lead guitar on this song. He's such a nice guy and an amazing musician!! Jacy Henry is the one behind the scenes sound engineering!




© 2020 Stephen Kern  

Solemn Virtue (EP)

Solemn Virtue is a side project American Thrash studio band created by Dave Kruse and myself.


Band members- Myself- Rhythm Guitar (minor Lead)/Lyrics. Jacy Henry- Bass Guitar. Preston Cannone- Lead Guitar. Gunnar Gouge- Drums. Berzan Onen- Provided Vocals.



Special guest-


Nathan McKinney (Paladin)- Lead Guitar (Voice Of Thy Thunder).


I'm the writer/producer. Jacy Henry- Sound engineer (Nebulous Music Studio). Dave Kruse- Cover design.




© 2020 Stephen Kern.

Majestic Kingdom (EP)

My second official EP. Thank you Sliptrick Records for picking it up!! HUGE honor!! It's also an honor to not only have as a special guest, but also mastering the EP........... the one and only Val Allen Wood! I'm PSYCHED with having Val a part of this! The songs were recorded by my bassist/sound engineer Jacy Henry. I Produced the songs and played Rhythm guitar (some minor Lead work) and Drums. The cover design is by Dave Kruse (picture itself was taken by my brother Brian Kern).  


  Special guests-


 Val Allen Wood (former Theocracy)- Lead guitar


 Tommy Lee Thompson (a founding member of Iced Earth)- Lead guitar


 Jake Brown (former band mate buddy)- Lead guitar


 Michael Steven Zapata (good friend)- Keyboard 



 © 2020 Stephen Kern.    

  ProgPower USA 


A HUGE honor ProgPower USA used a song of mine (The Savior) on their compilation CD they hand out!

Holy Triumph (EP)

My first official EP. I've always been more into the music itself, that's what always caught my attention. Music is another way to express what one's feeling. All songs are original, giving The Lord the glory. EP was recorded at Music Farm Studio by Mark Van Allen (appreciated his patience with my pickiness). Album cover by DWS Studio.


  Special guests-


Mark Van Allen (former Sugarland)- Pedal steel


 Jeff Spirko (former Connor Christian band)- Fiddle


 Hunter Tsou- Lead guitar (Every knee shall bow solo)



 © 2015 Stephen Kern.